Picqer connection with Bol.com Retailer

What is Bol.com Retailer?

With a Bol.com retailer account you sell your own products via Bol.com. You can use your own warehouse for this. Do you have a Bol.com retailer account? Then you can import orders into Picqer real-time with our ready-to-use integration. Send your orders faster and easier. And get control over your stock by using stock management in Picqer.

What can the link

  • Real time stock updates
  • Multiple Sphere. Retailer accounts possible
  • Orders are imported into Picqer in real time
  • Shipping notifications including tracking codes are sent to Bol.com
  • Create labels via Send via Bol.com for lower rates and a better score
  • Do you sell through multiple Retailer accounts? Combine them in 1 Picqer account